• Docs startup Almanac raises $34 million from Tiger as remote work shift hardens
    por Lucas Matney el día 21.09.2021 a las 17:37

    As companies continue to delay their returns to the office and find temporary remote work policies becoming permanent, the startups building tooling for remote work-first cultures are finding a seemingly endless supply of customers. “Companies are finding the shift to remote work is not a one-time aberration due to Covid,” Almanac CEO Adam Nathan tells

  • GM details the motors that will power its electric Hummer and other EVs
    por Darrell Etherington el día 21.09.2021 a las 17:20

    Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Rivian announces membership plan with complementary charging and LTE connectivity Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th General Motors has spent a lot of time recently talking up the capabilities of its upcoming Ultium battery technology but

  • Seth Rogen explains how Houseplant promotes cannabis without breaking the rules
    por Matt Burns el día 21.09.2021 a las 17:20

    I was annoying Seth Rogen. We had just started the interview, and while he politely answered my questions, he was growing tired of talking about his celebrity status. He was more interested in discussing how the company he co-founded is succeeding by overcoming countless regulatory hurdles. To him, that success has little to do with

  • Facebook adds a battery-powered smart screen to the Portal line
    por Brian Heater el día 21.09.2021 a las 17:00

    The Portal line has always been a kind of odd duck in the world of smart screens. Facebook’s most significant contribution to the category is almost certainly Smart Camera, which uses AI to track a subject and pan and zoom accordingly to keep them in frame. It was the first big line to bring the

  • Roblox to add opt-in age verification for players and developers
    por Sarah Perez el día 21.09.2021 a las 17:00

    Roblox is introducing an optional age verification for its users that will combine an ID check with a selfie scan. While the system will not be needed to play most Roblox games, it will be required for those who want to gain early access to Roblox’s upcoming voice chat features when they roll out later